International women’s day‘’An empowering culture: most departmental heads are women.”

Josie Dingwall | 8 March 2018

International women's day

Kim Keighron: HR Manager

‘’An empowering culture: most departmental heads are women.”

“It’s a great place to work for career advancement opportunities. Broderick’s has always believed in developing its own staff. Like many of my colleagues I’ve had the opportunity to go on several leadership courses and learn about new topics such as the upcoming GDPR rulings.”

“Broderick’s is a very empowering culture and most of the departmental heads are women in our company.”

“Not only is it a successful and highly motivating place to work – it’s also a fun environment with a real family atmosphere.”

“Broderick’s trusts the judgement and professional expertise of its people and that in itself is rewarding.”

“I’ve suggested the introduction of several new HR systems and policies in the two years I’ve been in post. The Directors have listened to the case I’ve put forward, taken on board these suggestions and facilitated the introduction of the new ideas. “

Inspiring Women: I’m proud to come from a family of strong women who have inspired me from a very early age. However, to choose one person it has to be my Mum. A single parent holding down three jobs she’s always been there for me and taught me the value of hard work.

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