Behind The Scenes!

Fara Khan | 1 May 2024

Welcome to the backstage of our recent app promotion at Leeds Hospital Trust. Discover the intricate process employed to successfully promote Pay4Vend and reward new users with £10 FREE credit to spend on their vending machines.


Stage one – Brainstorm and Design

We always begin our promotions with a strategic brainstorming session where our teams collaborate to outline the promotion’s objectives, target audience, and key messaging.

We then moved on to the creative phase – designing captivating posters and banners to grab the attention of hospital staff, displaying key messaging and a ‘How to Guide’.



Stage two – Printing and Preparation

With the designs finalised, we partnered with a local printing company to produce high-quality posters and banners for various areas within the hospital, strategically placed for maximum visibility.

We also ensured our Team members’ hotel was booked and that their shift schedule was finalised to confirm dates, times and locations for the event.



Stage three – Promotion Begins!

For an entire week, our dedicated Team members set up in high-traffic areas with their apps ready to gift FREE hot drinks to NHS staff and visitors, from aromatic coffee to deliciously creamy hot chocolate. Our Team provided comprehensive demonstrations of the app and explained how users could receive their FREE £10 bonus.

They explained benefits of the app such as year-round wins consisting of vouchers, experience days and holidays, free drinks and credit top-ups for events such as Black Friday, 10% free credit on all £10/20 top-ups, NHS exclusive offers and direct contact to our Head Office through our chat-box feature.


As the promotion came to a close, we took the time to evaluate its success, seeing a notable rise in app users, surpassing 75,000 total users! Thank you to our dedicated Team for executing this promotion and the hospital staff for engaging with us and learning the benefits of Pay4Vend!

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