Hot Chocolate

Fara Khan | 31 January 2023





Hot Chocolate – Happiness in a cup

 Ah winter chills … still creeping in during the brisk January weather – not quite as bad as our record-breaking -9 degrees, but still a time to feel morning blues, and dread the frosty journey into work or school.

But what if your workday could be enlightened by a simple vend? After all, what better to cheer up an icy morning than a steamy cup of creamy cocoa, vended instantly and at your fingertips in seconds? Here at Broderick’s, we pride ourselves in our signature hot chocolate vends, with the ‘creamy choc’ being one of our consumer favourites.


Does hot chocolate have any benefits?

As well as being a delicious, sweet treat, hot chocolate can prove beneficial in quelling coughs due to cocoa having demulcent properties, meaning it relieves inflammation or irritation*.

Cocoa also contains many beneficial nutrients such as antioxidants like flavanols and phytosterols, which, according to Harvard research, helps to reduce LDL cholesterol in the blood** – this prevents the build-up of plaque on the walls of your blood vessels, contributing to lower chances of heart disease and strokes.

A less scientific benefit of hot chocolate is simply the luxury warmth it provides, almost like a hug in a mug.


How do I make my hot chocolate memorable?

A vended cup of hot chocolate has the perfect ratio of milk : cocoa : water, however, that doesn’t mean we can’t make it EXTRA special with a few simple touches. Add a fluffy swirl of whipped cream for maximum taste bud satisfaction, and a little secret I’ll let you in on: place marshmallows UNDER the cream to get additional sugary sweetness!

Why not add a flavoured syrup too? Personally, a gingerbread or hazelnut syrup doesn’t just have to be for coffee, the right amount (around 15ml) will add an explosion of flavour to your drink and make those tastebuds tingle!


Enjoy national hot chocolate day – don’t let it go to waste!





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