Interview with Emily Price ‘Love: the positive culture across the business.’

Josie Dingwall | 12 March 2018


Emily Price: Social Media Manager

‘Love: the positive culture across the business.’

“I joined Broderick’s on a 12 months’ social media and digital marketing apprenticeship and I’ve received huge encouragement from senior management.

‘’Broderick’s recognised my contribution to the company from the early days and created a full-time position for me at the end of my apprenticeship – a great step forward for me in the workplace.

‘’The family feel of the company has created such a positive culture in every department.

‘’I’ve been presented with so many professional development opportunities since I joined Broderick’s: from computer coding courses to recently visiting Holland to learn more about Broderick’s ingredients.’’

My Inspiring Woman: My Mum Kellie – she’s always there for me and always seems to know the answer, whatever the question.

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