Interview with Lesley Davies

Josie Dingwall | 13 March 2018

Lesley Davies

Lesley Davies: Internal Sales Manager

“I only joined Broderick’s in January of this year, but it’s clear to see that everyone is treated as an individual and we’re all encouraged to realise our true potential.

“Undoubtedly, Broderick’s team members work hard: we share a great work ethic and the directors’ enthusiasm, passion and drive for the business really rubs off on us all.

“It’s a positive and fun place to work and there’s a real family atmosphere, which is a great asset to the business. Team members are encouraged to offer their suggestions on areas where we can work smarter and  it’s good to feel that everyone has a genuine part to play. It’s so rewarding and motivating if you feel that your contribution and ideas are valued – especially when compared to a more corporate working environment.

“Training and personal development are at the heart of Broderick’s business values and as a qualified sales trainer I admire the quality and breadth of training opportunities offered to our staff. Our induction course was fascinating and provided a fabulous insight into the company and its areas of activity. We even had an opportunity to travel to Holland to discover first-hand how the Broderick’s coffee beans are roasted.

“I had a great feel about the place from ‘Day One’ at my interview and I’ve been really impressed (but not surprised) with the staff retention levels. At Broderick’s people seem to go about their work with a smile and the ‘can do’ approach is empowering and fulfilling in itself.”

Inspiring Women: My sister Helen Gordon (CEO of Grainger plc) is an inspiring role model. Helen’s focus, hard work, supportive approach and good moral compass are just some of the many reasons why I admire her so much, both inside and outside of the work environment.

What empowers me outside of work? As a single parent of two grown up children, I’d say a strong  network of female friends has both inspired and empowered me over the years.

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