What Happened When Hits Radio Upgraded From a Kettle?

Ashlea Hodgson | 7 May 2019

Last week, to celebrate Broderick’s first broadcast from Hits Radio, we dropped into the studio to make a special delivery.  To keep the Hits team refreshed while they’re busy spreading the word about why Broderick’s is the perfect refreshments solution for the workplace, we’ve treated them to a top of the range vending machine.

Packed with barista style coffee – from luscious lattes to energizing espresso, along with tea and hot chocolate, the vending machine went down a storm.

The reaction from the Hits Radio team was incredible.  Lisa Weilding, one of the Brods clan in charge of getting the coffee machine installed at the station, said:

‘’From the moment the lovely lady on Hits reception emailed the office to let them know about the new installation, there was a stampede of people keen to try their new brew station.  It’s quite an upgrade from their previous humble kettle, so it’s really getting taste buds going and livening up break time.’’

With a recent survey highlighting that 48% of people would choose to work for a company because of perks at work like great coffee and snacks, it’s little wonder the Broderick’s vending machine is such a success with the Hits Radio team.  From the reaction on social media, it looks like their morning show listeners are just as keen for bosses across Manchester to bring Broderick’s coffee into the workplace.


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