Float Glass

"I am proud to have been associated with Brodericks for many years. Float Glass and Manchester Vending were two family businesses based on the same industrial estate in Wythenshawe with somewhat more modest premises than today.
Both companies have grown from a regional to national basis but retained that attention to detail and personal involvement that made them successful. Strong personal relationships have grown over the years and John and Peter manage to run a great business and enjoy themselves doing

David Offland


Continual growth resulted in ever changing needs of the the company and additional shift patterns over the weekend meant that refreshments were required around the clock


For over thirty years Broderick’s has been looking after all Float Glass’ beverage and snack vending needs.
Holding testament to the growth of both businesses, what began as a small account, serviced by three small in cup machines, has grown to serve 500 drinks a day, with a raft of 6ft Broderick’s drink and snack machines now on site at Float Glass.
It’s a source of real pride for both organisations that trade is booming in this way, and the ongoing relationship transcends pure business: it’s a meeting of minds and outlooks.
Then and now...a shared vision
Though working in very different sectors, Float Glass and Broderick’s share common ground as proud local employers, who lead the way in innovation.
- 30 years ago, though well established, Float Glass was a small niche provider of lead glass. Now working with brands like Le Meridien, Citigate and Mulberry, the glass company has quietly built a reputation as the leaders in cutting edge glass technologies. Mirroring this growth, Broderick’s (at the time Manchester Vending) has powered its way into the future of vending services, with innovations like vending machines with Media Vend on screen technology, data capture functions, and the very latest in payment options like Apple Pay, to name but a few.
- Exceptional customer service forms a cornerstone of both businesses: 30 years ago, managing director of Float Glass knew he’d receive around the clock support from Broderick’s and though both businesses have grown the level of service and personal relationship remain stronger than ever.

A business relationship that’s gone from strength to strength
Float Glass’ business premises now have a wide range of Broderick’s vending machines on site, including bottle machines in the factory, and boardroom and snack machines. Though, even when times were tough for business across the UK, in the midst of the recession, Float Glass remained loyal to Broderick’s.
Managing director of Float Glass, David Offland, explains why: ‘’from the very beginning of our working relationship we knew we were dealing with likeminded people. At the time, my father Ken was MD and he was always talking about how on the ball the team at Broderick’s were. Broderick’s has continued to prove they’re keen to do a job that’s not just good: they believe in great. Working so closely with the team we’ve become friends over the years, and I know if I ever have a problem, it will be resolved within minutes. Long may we continue to do business together. Here’s to the next 30 years.’’


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