N&W Karisma

N&W Karisma

Why settle for a machine that mimics Italian taste when you can have one that delivers the genuine article? Necta machines are conceived, designed and built by people who are their own fiercest critics, in a land where coffee consumption is an intrinsic, almost sacramental element of everyday life.

Karisma is a triumphant combination of taste, design and engineering that delivers the perfect espresso; the building block of all Italian coffees. Then, by varying combinations of fresh steamed milk and froth, Karisma delivers the world’s favourite coffee-shop specialties, such as latte and cappuccino – and all at the touch of a button.

Attention to detail is evident in everything about Karisma, from front to back, inside and outside – even the accessories and the lighting. Nothing has been left to chance, no compromise has been made.

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  • Graceful and sleek, yet robust and reliable
  • Perfectly coordinated modular and stylish accessories
  • (Cup warmer and Fridge)
  • Front and side lighting with ghost light effects
  • 7 inch state-of-the-art touchscreen which can run promotional adverts or messages
  • USB connectability
  • Intuitive user interface
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