It’s time to break away from the stereotypical ‘crisps and chocolate’ vending machine snacks and embrace a healthier approach.

At Broderick’s we fulfil every order to our customers’ requirements, meaning that we can stock your vending machines with healthy food and drink options for when your employees need fuel.

Steer away from sugary snacks and fizzy drinks and consider sandwiches, fruit juices and granola bars to stock your healthy vending machines.

We have a multitude of vending machine types to suit your environment which can be populated with healthy consumables of your choice. To make life even easier, many of our vending machines have card and contactless payment options.

For more information about our healthy vending machines and the possibilities they hold for your workplace, get in touch with our team of experts who will be happy to discuss our products and services with you.

The Shopper 2 offers unprecedented merchandising flexibility. Products are stocked into individual compartments on 9 rotating shelves. Each shelf comprises five trays, each of which can be divided into two, three, four or five segments.

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Media Touch comes with built in reliability and durability for a sustainable solution. Durable, state of the art capacitive touch screen technology. Scratch resistant polycarbonate service door panel (Pill)
Class leading energy efficiency with EVA EMP A++ rating

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Coffetek Palma


The Palma+ range offers a solution to satisfy the current and future needs of any location.
The Palma+ offers maximum flexibility in product display and capacity due to adjustable tray configurations.

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