• Our PPE stocked vending machines make it easy for people to buy sanitisers and masks on the move.
  • Distance select technology means the vending machines are a COVID secure solution.
  • Consumers can choose and pay for their PPE product without even touching the machine.
  • Broderick’s offer the first all-cashless machine technology using credit card, tap and mobile wallets.
  • MAG, the airport group that includes Manchester Airport, Stansted Airport and East Midlands Airport, is just one example early adopter of this ground-breaking Broderick’s technology.
  • An ideal, safety-first installation for where people are likely to gather including retail, travel and leisure locations.


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    MAG Group PPE case study

    With masks mandatory on public transport, in shops and subject to ever tightening rules in other enclosed spaces, Broderick’s new touch-free solution ensures PPE is always on-hand for consumers.

    Bringing the UK’s first fully contactless and cashless PPE vending solution to market, Broderick’s installed machines at Manchester Airport, including the airport’s rail terminal, London Stansted Airport and East Midlands Airport.

    The Broderick’s machines are stocked with a range of PPE including both disposable and reusable masks, as well as sanitiser.   All machines are set at a 2-metre safe distance, so pathogens are not spread by touch.  Read more.

    Hygienic on-site snacking

    As well as mask and sanitiser vending solutions, Broderick’s has launched a snacking and refreshments solution with distance select technology.  This means that consumers can make their choice of drink and snack from a safe and hygienic 2cm distance.  Helping your consumer – whether that’s workers, travellers or shoppers – to confidently stay on site at your location come refreshment time, Broderick’s can manage the whole process; from COVID-secure machine installation to helping develop a range of refreshments that meets your audience’s needs and tastes.


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